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Welcome to online Head Or Tail game

The reality of the game is the 50% odds win. There are no zero as in roulette, there no any hidden bank advantages as in online-casino. To start the game in demo mode just click on "Demo" button. You will have to register to play for real money.


1 flip 2 flips 3 flips
Single coin play head or tail x2 x4 x8
Double coin play
Two head or two tails
head or tail
head or tail
x4 x16 x32
Double coin play
One of each
head or tail
tail or head
x2 x4 x8

Brief rules

"The Head or Tails" is easy game in which two persons participate. The first throws a coin upwards, and the second tries to guess, what party will appear from above after coin falling on the earth. If the player guesses, he receives a prize or monetary reward. You may bet for one or two coins and for one or several flips. The payout depends on your bet as you can see in the table above.